Enjoy the spring in the National Park Mols Bjerge

May is a perfect time to lace up your hiking boots and enjoy the outdoors. The National Park recommends three great trails for a hike on your own in the spring.

In the national park's 180 square kilometers of glacial landscape, there are plenty of nature experiences waiting for both those who want to go on longer hikes or go for a shorter walk.

On the national park's website, you can find an interactive map, where you can search for specific walks or destinations. The map is also available as a free app "Nationalpark Mols Bjerge", so you always have the map at hand.  

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Explore the past – Oldtidsstien (The prehistoric route)

Some of Denmark's finest stone monuments, especially dolmens, are found in Syddjurs. Ringelmose Forest in Mols Bjerge National Park contains a unique concentration and variety of ancient monuments. The 4.5 km long ancient path circles in the beautiful forest, so you both start and end at Bregnet Chruch. Along the route, you pass a long barrow, six dolmens, several tumuli, a ford, and a holy spring.


Ringelmose Forest in Mols Bjerge National Park contains a unique concentration and variety of ancient monuments.

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The long one - Mols Bjerge Trail

Slow down, fresh air in your lungs and peace of mind. The iconic Mols Bjerge Trail is certified as Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe and goes through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the National Park.

The Mols Bjerge Trail is an 80 km hiking trail and is divided into four stages. All the stages offer hiking experiences of high quality with major natural and cultural historical attractions along the way. 
It is possible to hike from shelter to shelter or use the campsites or accommodations along the route.


Beautiful Ahl Hage


If you don't have time, or your legs aren't up to walking 80 kilometers, you can of course also choose to just walk one of the stages. The Mountain stage is the toughest with beautiful views of the two bays, while the Kalø stage, besides the castle ruin, also offers troll trees in the coastal forests and the Hunting Lodge. The Ebeltoft stage goes through forests, past the cozy Ørnbjerg Mølle and later Stubbe Lake, before ending in Ebeltoft. The Gåsehage stage offers beautiful coastal nature, a marsh area, and a side trip to the picturesque holiday town Øer. 


The old part of Ebeltoft

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The urban ones – Kløverstier (cloverleaf paths) in Ebeltoft

Combine a visit to the cozy market town of Ebeltoft with some fresh air and exercise. Choose between one of the four different routes, ranging from 2 kilometers to 13 kilometers. For example, take the green path which goes through the old market town and past several beautiful old buildings like the old Town Hall, Old Dyers Yard, and the former malt house. Today the malt house is a library, museum and archive.

Or take the 13-kilometer-long black path which goes all the way around Ebeltoft and passes beautiful nature including forest areas and offers the best views in town. The routes are marked with their own color on poles in the terrain.

You can start all routes from S. A. Jensens Vej 3, 8400 Ebeltoft.


Starting point for the Kløverstier in Ebeltoft