The volunteers' favorite places in the National Park

The volunteers know the National Park inside out: Here are their favorite places

There are about 80 active volunteers in the National Park, and their indispensable contributions can be seen everywhere in the National Park.

For example, the volunteers have been responsible for a large part of creating and maintaining the hiking trails. The result is that today there is a large, well-marked and well-maintained system of trails that has received the international certification Leading Quality Trail.
Some of the volunteers work with protecting the cultural-historical heritage in Mols Bjerge. They, for example, maintain particularly beautiful dolmens on private land and make sure that they are visible.

Other volunteers monitor and count rare species by hand and another group of volunteers reduces broom shrubs in places with particularly vulnerable species.

In addition, the volunteers ensure that there are shelters and table and bench sets throughout the park.

Favorite places in National Park Mols Bjerge

The volunteers know the National Park inside out. We asked four volunteers about their favorite places in the park. Here are their suggestions for great nature experiences.

"There are so many beautiful places in Mols Bjerge. If you first spot an angle in the landscape where you can see both hills and sea, the picture is complete. But the hills at Basballe, the landscape at Helligkilde and the hills at Låddenbjerg - those areas are addictive," says Hanne Mejer, a volunteer in the broom plant-group.

Photo: Trehøje

"Trehøje always offers a magnificent view. A hike along the Italian trail is also always a nice trip," says Søren Thorsen, who is also a volunteer in the broom plant-group.

“I like Ringelmose Forest. That place is very dear to me. I will definitely also highlight the Mols Bjerge trail. The trail offers some great challenges - and you can feel the geological history and see the imprint of the ice in the landscape," says Jens Erik Jacobsen, who is a volunteer in the dolmen-group. He is also a guide on the trail with ancient monuments in the National Park.

Photo: Ringelmose Forrest

"My favorite places are Bisgydehøj, Stubbe Sø (Lake) and the old ferry berth near Øer, where there are many wading birds," says Steen Kryger, who volunteers in the biodiversity-group.

Photo: Stubbe Sø (lake).

You can meet several of the volunteers during the summer, where they can show you around Jagtslottet (The hunting lodge) or guide you on boat trips with the veteran ship Skødshoved.