Mols Bjerge Trail

MAGIC is with you all the time, when hiking through the Mols Bjerge National Park in Syddjurs Municipality, Central Jutland. The Mols Bjerge Trail is 60 kilometers of hiking through the National Park with its great variation in landscape and nature.

During the latest Ice Age, 18,000 years ago, the ice stopped its progressing in what is today the National Park on the peninsula east of Arhus.

Here it stood like a cold white wall several hundred feet above the land. The ice melted away in an inferno of stones, ice and water.

Out of these profound changes, the magical landscape was born with large curved ridges above crystal clear bays, fascinating kettle holes and glacial valleys.

Many years later, man came to the area and created with his livestock a cultural landscape with immensely high natural value.

Here, hikers can enjoy a hilly landscape lined with white beaches, spectacular historical monuments, varying scenery and charming villages.

Red kite floats elegantly high on the sky. Wild horses graze in „the Danish mountains“ with the great biodiversity of the sunny grasslands.

Impressive Bronze Age burial mounds are towering in the countryside, and from the top you look down on several blue bays.

You pass the national medieval icon, Kalø Castle ruin, a beautiful manor landscape, miles of coastline and the cozy seaport of Ebeltoft with its topped cobblestones, half-timbered houses and hollyhocks in the gardens



Start and End Point: Kalø Castle ruin and Ebeltoft

Distance: 60 km

Stages: 3

THE MOLS BJERGE TRAIL consists of three daily stages of approx. 20 km between Rønde und Ebeltoft: The Kalø stage, The mountain stage - a circular route and the most challenging stage of all three - and The Ebeltoft stage.

The starting and ending points of the three stages are all connected by bus line 123, so it is easy to get back to your starting point - no matter where you stay overnight and from where you hike out. 

The best way to experience Mols Bjerge

By far the best way to experience the Mols Bjerge National Park landscape and nature is to put on sensible shoes and go out into the landscape. 

You can also choose shorter trails. The yellow marked routes ensure that you get back to the starting point where your car is parked.

From most car parks in the area marked trails lead into the landscape, and leaflets about the area are at your disposal at the car parks.

There are many shorter routes of different lengths both in the hills of Mols, in the old forests near Kalø Castle Ruins, the area around Lake Stubbe, in Dråby and near Ebeltoft

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