Field Laboratory of the Aarhus Natural History Museum

Night attraction

Glow-worms try to outshine the moth-attracting light bulb. Only around Midsummer Day does the female glow-worm glow to attract a mate. The bulb that lures moths in the garden of Mols Laboratory, however, can be turned on year-round.

Picnic areas

Here are picnic tables where you can enjoy a hot night-time drink while you observe the moths. Mols Laboratory, originally Nedre Strandkær farm, is owned by Aarhus Natural History Museum and serves as a field laboratory for researchers and students from universities etc.

Routes in the area

One of Mols Bjerge’s famous routes springs from here, “The Italian Path”, named so because of the Mediterranean vistas it offers and its tall cypress-like junipers. Here are also year-round activities such as free guided tours.