Panorama view from east to west

The three Bronze Age mounds of Trehøje, 127 metres above sea level, offer a panorama view from Aarhus to Ebeltoft, including four inlets: Kalø, Begtrup, Knebel and Ebeltoft. From up here you can see the National Park’s border to the south west, where fertile clay once deposited by the ice means the land is intensely farmed, as opposed to the nutrient-poor sand left by the ice on the hills and on the coastline along Ebeltoft Vig.

The ancient grassland

There are around 11 additional Bronze Age mounds in the area. There are also distinct ridge and furrow fields, preserved from medieval times. Cattle have grazed these nutrient-poor hills for many years. Sloe, rose and juniper bushes resistant to grazing dominate the landscape even today. During the boom in agricultural cooperatives in Denmark, the hills were planted with conifers  that continue to characterise the landscape today. Several yellow-dot routes start from here.