Primeval forest

Not quite, but almost. A hike along the yellow-dot route through Skovbjerg almost brings you back to the forests of the past. Skovbjerg has never been subject to cultivation. It contains old oak forest which grew on top of the original oak underwood. Today, the forest is managed as natural forest for the benefit of hole-nesting birds, insects and fungi.

Memorial Stone

There is a memorial stone in Skovbjerg, which reveals some of the story behind the conservation of Mols Bjerge as a valuable natural asset. The A.P.Møller and Chastine McKinney Foundation sold the Skovbjerg lands to the Danish state in 1971. The Foundation’s purchase and later sale of the area to the state saved it from being developed. The Danish state subsequently purchased and listed more land. Today, large parts of Mols Bjerge are state-owned and subject to protection.