Poskær Stenhus

A cultural icon almost lost

“In the name of the King and the Law, stop what you’re doing!” It is said that a stonemason from Aarhus bought the dolmen Poskær Stenhus in the 1890s. As he began to break down the dolmen to produce rock, the locals, headed by the parish bailiff from Agri, confronted him at the dolmen with these words. The dolmen was saved! Earlier than this, in 1859, another local landowner had planned to break down the dolmen to produce rock. This led to a local uprising and an agreement to preserve the dolmen in 1860.

One of a set

Poskær Stenhus is the largest dolmen in Denmark from the Neolithic Age, about 3,300 B.C. It has an 11.5-tonne cleaved capstone, the remaining half of which weighs 19 tonnes and serves as the capstone on another local dolmen named Grovlegårddyssen. Mols Bjerge became a protected area in 1994. At that time, the county bought the dolmen.

Practical Information

Poskærvej 10, 8420 Knebel.