Ørnbjerg Mølle

500 year old mill site

A mill has stood by the stream here at Ørnbjerg since the 1500s. The current building is from 1833 and was used to mill grain up to the end of the 1950s.

A working museum

Today, a voluntary group, Ørnbjerg Møllelaug, and the Danish Nature Agency manage the restoration and operation of the mill. A yellow-dot route leads from the mill along the stream to the lake of Stubbe Sø. There is an exhibition at the mill. There are also two shelters, a toilet and a primitive camp site.

Take a walk to the mill

A walk along the yellow-dot route from the lay-by on the main road leads to the  mill through forest plantations and past deep ravines to the peaceful spot by the mill.

Practical information

Stubbevej 2a, 8410 Rønde. A hand-painted sign indicates the road to the mill from the main road.