Lake Stubbe

Bird watching

If you are lucky you might spot the white-tailed eagle in the sky above the lake of Stubbe Sø. It is a good idea to enjoy the lake's wildlife from the observation tower, from where there is a view over most of the lake and its environs. Or you can visit the bird reserve north of the lake, with its paths and a rich birdlife. There is only poor lakeside access, so these are the two best places from which to enjoy the lake.

Clear water and wild life

Because the lake is surrounded by forest and nutrient-poor sandy soils, the water in the lake is clear and clean, and the lake is rich in water plants and fish. Otter, white-tailed eagle, osprey and kingfisher frequent the area, accompanied by greylag geese, grebe and water rail.

The Ice Age is the reason for this wonderful place

Stubbe Sø is a water-filled kettle hole. When the ice of the most recent ice advance stagnated on top of the southern part of Djursland, it left a large section of ice where the lake is today. This ice melted slowly, leaving a depression in the landscape. During the Stone Age, the kettle hole made up the innermost part of a small fjord which stretched from the coast south of Jernhatten to the present Stubbe Sø.

stubbe sø

How to get there

The route to the lake goes via Stubbe Søvej. You drive off immediately east of the bridge over Havmølle Å. There is a sign saying “Stubbe Sø”. From the car park, the trip continues on foot. After about 100 meters, an arrow points west to the birdwatching tower. You can also take the footpath from Gravlev: a walk of about 30 minutes. From the footpath there is also access to the bird reserve.