Gravlev path

8 km footpath from Gravlev to Ebeltoft

The footpath follows the former Ebeltoft-Trustrup railway. The landscape is varied, and the footpath takes you through willow marshes rich in tits and warblers, into silent halls of beeches, across open landscape and past lakes, meadows and fields featuring skylarks, lapwings, ducks and geese. The ditches have peat soil, as evidence of the former bog landscape, and to the north the footpath crosses Havmølle Å (stream) and the road, Stubbe Søvej. Around 500 meters before Gravlev, a marked path leads away to Stubbe Sø.

Exotic animals

From the footpath from Gravlev (in Danish: Gravlevstien), you can catch a view of exotic savannah landscapes with animals such as giraffe, zebra, gnus and ostriches. This is because the around eight-kilometre long footpath between Ebeltoft and Gravlev passes by a zoo, Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari.