Fuglsø Beach

The area for activities

Fuglsø Beach is a very popular destination for active people who enjoy walks or far more challenging physical activities, such as paragliding. At the same time, it is a perfect place for quiet relaxation under the shelter of the impressive cliffs.

Explore the surrounding nature

The sandy bottom soon becomes deep water. Surrounded by the ocean, hills and dry grass vegetation, you can find edible sea-kale and thistle-like sea holly, but also maiden pink, orpine and harebell. The cliffs are habitat for butterflies, grasshoppers, sand lizards and adders. There is a yellow-dot route from the coast to Store Jættehøj (hill) and onward to Karpenhøj Nature Centre.  

The Ice Age scour-marks on stones

Distinct parallel scour-marks across the surface of a rock may be glacial striations. These glacial grooves can occur in many different ways, but most often they are caused by moving glaciers. The striations bear witness to the rock’s journey with the ice from distant regions. The ice dragged the rock across other loose rocks and rock masses: a journey that leaves its mark. Fuglsø Strand is a good place to look for stones and rocks with glacial striations. 

Underwater recreation course

Out in the water is the first underwater recreation “course” to test snorkellers and swimmers e.g. playing underwater noughts and crosses. Buoys indicate the location of the underwater course, and there is an anchored float for the more playful. Practical information: Car park on Fuglsø Strandvej, 8420 Knebel.