Five mills village

From whichever direction you arrive, it is obvious that the village of Femmøller (five mills) lies in a gorge. A real mill town used to be situated here by a lively stream, the Mølleåen (mill stream), which ran through the gorge. The town was previously called Essendrup, but around 1790, Femmøller became the predominant name, even though one of the five mills had by then burned down. All five mills can be dated back to the 1500s. The mills were powered by water from the same stream, which caused problems whenever there was a lack of water. In the early 1900s, the mills ceased operation and the mill works disappeared. However, many of the buildings as well as four of the mill ponds have been preserved. The gorge opens out to a broad valley which ends down by the coast at Femmøller Strand. From Femmøller a yellow-dot route leads on to Mols Bjerge.