Karpenhøj Nature Centre

Outdoor learning and nature centre

At the nature and outdoor learning centre Karpenhøj Nature Centre, you may glimpse kestrels in the nesting box. The centre’s grounds are open to the public.

Picnic places

There are four picnic areas: Trampermosen, Sommerfuglehaven with bonfire place, Overdrevet and Skoleskoven.

The wall around Asgard

There are posters with suggestions for activities; you can borrow/rent recreational equipment, including mountain bikes and sea kayaks; and there is a “sensuous garden”, as well as mythological sculptures. There is also an exercise course called “The wall around Asgard”. Finally, there are many public events.

Visit Karpenhøj Nature Centre for its view of Fuglsø Strand beach, with paragliders floating above the cliffs.

Practical information

Dragsmurvej 12, 8420 Knebel. Information: www.karpenhoej.dk