Bjørnkjær / Egedal Forest and Søndre Plantage

The young forest of Ebeltoft

The young forests of Bjørnkjær/Egedal Skovene are replanted forests where the original forests had been entirely cut down in around 1690. The forests were restored during the Second World War in 1940-45 in connection with an unemployment project. 

The forest for dogs

The forests are very popular among dogs and their owners. There is a fenced-in off-leash dog park. Furthermore, there is a 3.5-kilometre yellow-dot route through hilly terrain. Leaflets about the history of the forests are available at the site. 

Søndre Plantage (southern plantation) for mountainbikers

In Søndre Plantage a mountainbike route has been established. The course has different levels of difficulty. 

See a map of the route (Danish)