Ahl Hage

Sand and shallow water

Sand and shallow water make Ahl Hage (spit) south of Ebeltoft a popular destination for families with children. A quiet walk on the flat spit is spiced up with the vista of Mols Bjerge across the water.


A yellow-dot route will take you through the landscape along the shallow water that attracts foraging wading birds and ducks hunting for lugworms and mussels.

Ant hills

The flat area east of the forest includes salt meadows with large humps: the ant hills of the yellow meadow ant. These ants keep aphids as livestock. They move the aphids from plant root to plant root and milk them for honeydew. In the old days, farms of the town grazed their cattle and swine on the spit.

Practical information

Car park on Ahlvej, 8400 Ebeltoft. Disabled-friendly route