Agri Bavnehøj

An amazing view

The highest point at Mols Bjerge, Agri Bavnehøj (beacon),  is situated 137 meters above sea level. From here you overlook an undulating dead-ice topography, Trehøje with its three humps, and Tirstrup Hedeslette (outwash plain) with dense conifer stands growing where meltwater from the ice once deposited large quantities of sand and gravel.

Bonfires to warn against enemies

In ancient times, Agri Bavnehøj was where a bonfire was lighted to warn of approaching enemies. Later the hill became important in connection with land surveying. The monument at the top of the hill used to serve as a monitoring station and trig point, but now has an instrument with an arrow indicating points on the horizon such as the Cathedral of Aarhus 21.8 kilometres away.

Practical information

At the foot of Agri Bavnehøj is a sheltered picnic area. Car park on Agri Bavnehøjvej, Agri, 8420 Knebel.