In Mols Bjerge National Park there are several fine places for birdwatching.

There are bird-watching towers at Lake Stubbe (view of the lake) and at the edge of Hestehave Forest (view of coastal meadow and wetlands). There is also a bird reserve north of Lake Stubbe, with a view of the lake, and more than 100 nesting boxes - and a rich birdlife, including pied flycatchers and crested tits.

The open grasslands in the National Park are home to red-backed shrike, woodlark and tree pipit. The forests house many tits, warblers and quite a few raptors, including buzzard. Not long ago, red kite started to breed in the area and the population is increasing. There is a good chance of spotting this elegant raptor circling over the open landscape on the lookout for a meal.

In the late summer/autumn you can see sandwich terns and golden plovers on the sands at Ebeltoft Ferry Terminal. Later on, overwintering waders flock to the sands, where they roost and forage. To the north, the shallow waters around Ahl Hage are popular with overwintering waterfowl.

In winter, the lakes offer shelter to many swans, geese and ducks, including the attractive smew.